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10 Local Link Building Tactics Beyond Business Listings

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In the last few years, we’ve seen many questions regarding local link building by many SEO professionals. Before starting with the tactics, let us discuss the difference between a regular link and a local link. Local links are the links from local sources to grow the business locally. Like a lawyer in Denver Brighton wants people to know him, then he’ll list his business with local newspapers, colleges, and other local sources in Denver. 

Why Opt Local Link Building?

We always see the algorithms that focus on devaluing the links, which are simply irrelevant. But local link building is perfect because the links are almost relevant to the business. 

  • Using this method, one can drive more and relevant traffic. 
  • Strong relationships can also be built with local sources and authoritative domains.

Effective Local Link Building Tactics

There are a variety of ways to get links. But knowing and implementing the right tactics depends on the sources available locally and the type of business you are in. Many new industries grow very fast, are full of opportunities to engage with the different bloggers and build community & good relationships.  

Keeping all these things in mind, few local link-building tactics can be revealed that can be applied to most businesses or websites. 

  1. Building Links with Amazing Images

There’s no shortage of high-quality picture-providing domains in every locality. When you can’t find the images on your own, just search for the domains providing you locally, neighborhood images with alt text. As these alt texts help to target the links very quickly. 

There will be a plus point if you post the images on the sources like Pinterest and others that effectively build the links. 

  1. Create a Community Resource

The websites that struggle to build the local links need to create a community resource. If your business does not have enough local presence and doesn’t know how to justify your website as the best community resource, then going this way is the best idea. 

  1. Featuring Others in Your Community

There are many people, businesses that want to be flattered, talked about, and known around. Make this thing an advantage and find these types of people to create excellent and worthy links. Here are some examples below of communities with whom you can build excellent local links:

A local guide:-

  1. i) Must visit pubs
  2. ii) Best Restaurants in the city

Local Map:-

  1. i) Outdoor attractions
  2. ii) Pet-friendly locations
  3. iii) Traveling attractions

These are the convenient options with which you can create the links, but it is more advantageous if you work with the businesses relevant to yours. 

  1. Leveraging the Existing Relationships

This tactic is found to be the most fruitful one for the local businesses. Every business deals with other businesses in some manner, and these relations can be turned into links. Try to inculcate B2B links.

Find the ones who deliver the goods or services that you sell. Examine their website, visit the vendor pages, as there are many sellers who love to promote the other companies who do business with them. In this way, you can get the links quickly, as getting started is one of the most challenging facets while finding the link-building opportunities. 

  1. Build Links with Daily Deals Sites

Multiple deals pop up every second, and most of them are fully dedicated to the local areas. Local newspapers are the best options to leverage the value of your links. Not only this helps in building the links, but it also helps in building contacts and relationships. 

  1. Maximize Your Jobs Page

Job opening on your website also gives you the chance to build links and citations locally. One significant benefit is you can submit this page both locally as well as on national directories also. Once you’ve submitted the jobs on the directories, you can diversify the links to the local colleges or universities if any student wants to apply. 

  1. Business Associations

Almost every industry has its branch or company in the city, state, or locality. These associations are perfect for providing reliable and trustworthy links. You can find out this type of association by googling only. Manual Local Citation Building Services are also effective in some cases.

  1. Interact Locally

Interacting locally works best for websites. Local link building takes more time and investment, but the results are worth the efforts made. 

You can involve yourself in the community in given ways to create excellent links:

  1. Start a scholarship for local students
  2. Create or host an event that deals with your industry type.
  3. Offer the discount partnership with local groups if possible

We don’t know how often these can help you as it takes much investment and time. But if you are worried about the links, then you can opt for these ways for sure!

  1. Create Links with Traveling Guides

Look for the solid yet relevant travel domains. Of course, this will be relevant to the people who are looking for traveling only. If you also have a travel business, you can go with the best domain to get the link built to explore your business locally. 

  1. Create a Local Resource Page on the Website

If you’ve ever gone through the professional or educational websites, then you might have found the pages for ‘additional resources.’ These pages include a variety of information and links to other websites. You can also create the same page, further adding the information about your business, why to use your services, products, and more. 

These are some of the local link-building tactics that can do wonders for your website. I hope these will help you in creating great links.

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