How to Make an App for Beginners in 8 Steps

How to Make an App for Beginners in 8 Steps

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Before we start with this article, imagine how many tasks you have to do in a day. Now imagine how much time you would lose doing them one by one, running from one place to another, whether casual shopping for Christmas gifts, visiting a doctor for a routine check-up, or just checking the weather forecast.

With the help of the mobile app, your worries are gone, aren’t they?

Mobile applications play a vital role in our daily lives as they provide services like on a computer, but at the tip of your fingers. Did you know that out of 7.9 billion people globally, 5.1 billion are using a mobile device, and over 3.8 billion people have a social media account?

If you are familiar with what an app builder is, or you got a fantastic idea and want to turn it into an app for everyone to use, keep on reading.

We will show you how to make an app for beginners in eight easy steps!

Steps to Creating a Perfect App

1. Start With an App Idea

Start with an app idea

Start small. Put your ideas on a piece of paper or a notepad. Think of what you are trying to achieve with your app. Who is your app for? Which category will it be. Is it related to food, maybe sports or technology?

Remember that not every idea has to be new. For example, if you have a travel agency, you can think of ways to enhance your customers’ bookings with your apps. That will be a good orientation toward your overall design, form, and functionality.

Try to think of ways your app can improve end users’ lives.

2. Competitive Market Research Is the Key

Competitive market research is the key

Once you’ve come up with ideas and goals for your mobile application, you need to research the market in which you want to publish the app. Making an app without prior market research can lead to potential disaster for any business. It can also lead to low to no exposure to the app and overall loss.

There are several ways you can conduct research:

  • Do surveys
  • Conduct interviews
  • Explore your competition
  • Run a focus group

3. Think of the App’s Features

Think of the app’s features

Next in line is a fun but vital aspect of app development. Now you get to think about what your app’s features will look like.

Start with the app’s core functions. An eCommerce business app sounds interesting, so its primary function should be to search or browse for products and shopping cart availability. You should avoid adding extra and unnecessary features.

Please keep it simple and functional, and remember that adding additional features adds extra cost.

4. Design Your App’s Wireframe

Design your app’s wireframe

First things first, will your app be for Android or iOS users? It would be best if you opted for your app to run smoothly and the best way to do so is by narrowing down your choice.

Begin with creating your app’s basic skeleton, also called a wireframe. It will allow you to understand your mobile application’s basic layout and flow visually.

Moreover, once you’ve created the wireframes, you should be making mock-ups or prototypes of your app. Think of this step as a way to see how the application will look for your end-users.

5. Build Your App With This Simple Method

Build your app with this simple method

Next, it’s time to build your brand-new mobile application. By now, you’ve come up with an idea, decided on your app’s features, and designed its basic wireframe or layout. You may have even created a mock-up to understand better how the app will look on a smartphone.

Now it’s time to turn your vision into a reality. But what to do if you don’t know how to code? We got a solution for that, too.

With the help of, you can create your app in no time. uses AI software that helps you create your app in just a few mouse clicks.

Every option has its ups and downs. First, using its AI, you need to choose what application you want to build precisely. You can opt between delivery,eCommerce, utility, or a business app. It might be overwhelming at first, but don’t worry. Soon you will have an app catching everyone’s attention. automates everything for you, but it also allows you to have complete creative freedom. Drag and drop your ideas. After that, you can see and customize your app to suit your needs.

After you’ve tweaked other options to your preferences, you must wait and relax. Your app will be ready within a few days.

6. Test Your App

Test Your App

Thoroughly testing your app before its launch is the only way to ensure its functionality. Research shows that 40% of users delete apps as soon as they offer any technical glitch. To properly test your app, you should give it to a carefully selected focus group.

Select the people with the same demographics and personal ambitions as your potential end users. Get them to test your mobile app and return their feedback thoroughly. Based on that collected data, you can refine your app, fix all the bugs or correct any current issues.

As said in the previous step, you can use prototypes to explore your app at an early stage. That way you can get all the necessary views of your app’s workflow before launch.

7. Launch Your App

Launch your app

Launching an Android or iOS app is rather simple, but it can present itself as intimidating to new developers. Imagine you have gone through all these steps before, only to get stuck on publishing on an app marketplace. But worry not; we got you covered.

You can publish your app to the Apple store or Google Play when it is ready for launch. Still, you will need to let potential users know it is there. Using the right set of keywords is step number one.

However, for the best return, you need a solid marketing plan to convince visitors to download your app and become end users.

8. Promote the App on Social Media

Promote the app on social media

You’ve created a mobile application, given it for testing, and decided to launch. But the reach and download of your app could be more significant. Then you should expand the market by promoting the app on social media.

The best way is to create a digital marketing plan and stick to it. That way, you will have a precise journey for promoting your app. You can use many social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. If your end users are gen z, you can even promote on Snapchat or TikTok. Be diverse and expand your social presence.

Final Thoughts

Mobile apps are a permanent part of our daily lives. We use them to shop efficiently, schedule appointments, or book reservations for a well-deserved break.

To make a successful app, start by writing down an idea. Search your competitors or the potential market. Please think of the app’s features and create its wireframe. Top that up with a good design mock-up to see how it will look on various devices.

Rember that you can build your app without prior coding skills using It will seamlessly create an app with your desired preferences. Test your app, and use prototypes to see the workflow. After you are satisfied, publish it on the Apple app store or Google Play.

And remember that implementing a digital marketing strategy will bring you more end users or convert visitors into ones.

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