5 Reasons to Choose a Cloud Telephony for your company

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However small or large your company is or the type of business you operate the importance of voice communication is an essential element to a successful business. By using voice communications offer you a secure way to talk to clients, communicate with potential customers as well as run your company. Cloud telephony is a great way for companies to take advantage of the benefits of voice communications efficiently.

Cloud Telephony is the technology for communication that allows all communication devices and applications are hosted on the premises of the service provider. Anyone who is is interested in these options does not have to install any software or purchase equipment to get in place. It could include an IVR call center setup virtual number, call recording, and call forwarding.

There is nothing more important than the ability to communicate with business owners in the current competitive environment. In actual fact, it’s more essential for clients than ever to be capable of communicating with their preferred company easily. It is therefore logical for you as an organization to go the extra mile in all communication channels, particularly telephone systems.

 Switching from traditional telephony systems on-premises to cloud-based telephony is an excellent business decision. A cloud-based telephone system has several advantages for companies which is for the majority of companies to quickly embrace cloud telephony.

The goal of this guide is to guide you through a checklist of criteria you need to evaluate cloud telephony to ensure you can choose the best one that best fits your company’s needs the best.

Product Capabilities

As a consumer as a user, the trial period is an excellent way to get a feel for the capabilities of a tool. It allows you to have the freedom to test and try out the features of the software and without taking the risk associated with buying.

Make your most out of it by creating flow and testing the platform using credit cards for free. This will enable you to comprehend how you could benefit from the platform and whether it’s a suitable solution for your needs.


Here are some tips to get the most out of the trial period

  •       Spend enough time studying the product. Make sure you are focusing on the capabilities and 

features that directly affect your business.

  •       Request a demonstration in 1:1. Demos are an efficient way to learn about key functions. 

Also, it allows you to answer any questions you may have.

  •       If you’re unable to test the product within the timeframe you have specified, Please contact support to prolong your trial.

Platform Capabilities:

There’s the first step that must be addressed before we begin to answer the issue of the platform’s capabilities. Do you have a list of the things you’d like to accomplish using cloud telephony to improve your business? If you’re attracted to not do this, I would suggest thinking about your requirements together with the team.

We suggest that you reduce your needs in the most concise manner possible to ensure you’re ticking all the boxes that are required.

For instance, if the things you’ve listed look like this:

  •       Sales call for sales routing
  •       Support for routing calls
  •       Notifying customers of updates

 Try to reduce it further.

  • Does the platform offer recording calls? Does it cost extra that is associated with this?
  • Does there exist a native integration that can be used to integrate with the CRM system we’re using?
  • What are the phone rates?
  • Does the platform permit you to send out SMS in mass?
  • What are the costs involved and the delivery capability for the system?
  • Do I have to directly connect an API to start the campaign?

The more precise you can list your requirements more precise they will be to compare the software against the requirements. It is also crucial to consider your needs from a perspective standpoint. For instance, if you think your sales team or support team to grow in the near future, you need to take into account that also. This can alter the way the platform is able to assist you.

Cloud telephony benefits can be measured and are able to pay for themselves. From efficiency improvements to increased mobility of employees, the most successful companies can quantify significant benefits of cloud-based investments, and also they are able to manage their investment so that they don’t incur huge upfront capital expenditures and pay each month as their business expands

Security of data

Communication with customers can be sensitive data. It is, therefore, crucial to know whether the security of the platform is adequate to safeguard your information.

Here’s what to look for on the platform

  Security certifications Do the platforms adhere to security standards that are set by the industry? ISO certificates and compliance with GDPR are an excellent place to start. If your business has specific security requirements make sure you examine them in addition.

  2FA Authentication of accounts – To stop any account that is not authorized to log in

  Network Encryption (TLS 1 and up) to help you secure your data while it is in the course of transport

  Monitor and Auditing It helps you determine who’s using your platform. Data Backup and Recovering Plan to prevent loss of data

Make Calls Anywhere, Anytime from Any Device

Cloud telephony removes you from the limitations of traditional telephone systems.

No matter if you’re using a desktop, tablet, mobile laptop, or any of these, you can change your calls without interruption to the device you prefer and use your phone wherever you want.

Staff members are able to make and receive calls while on the move They can move wherever they want to go, without missing the opportunity to make inquiries or leads.

With cloud-hosted telephony, your company can do what you enjoy doing as well as your phone service is able to shift along with your needs.

The option of using different devices to manage your phone system offers you the opportunity to let your employees work in a variety of ways this is becoming crucial to workers who are working and home.

Your business will be able to keep up with the latest trends and offer your employees what they need without sacrificing profits or productivity.

Your Phone System Will Grow with You

With many additional features available as well as the flexibility of the phone system, your business is bound to grow. Hosted phone systems won’t restrict you and let you add any extensions you require for your telephone system.

This allows you to recruit as many employees as you’ll need to meet the demands of customers. demand. This is especially beneficial during peak sales times.

When the rush has ended it is possible to remove the lines with ease and thus, profit from the possibility of hiring temporary workers to help get through the chaos.

A traditional telephone system needs an enormous amount of effort to change lines and add them however, with a cloud-hosted system, this can be accomplished with just a couple of clicks, and you can begin watching how calls flow within your company immediately via the portal online.

Learn more about cloud telephony & IVR software security features on the tech simply platform.

Wrapping out

Cloud telephony systems are designed for business and come with a wealth of features. Apart from real-time analytics the system includes call schedulers, post-call survey or Csat surveys IVRS, missed call services, voicemail drops mass SMS automated, and much more. These tools can be used to enhance your existing automation, which simplifies your business by turning manual processes into automated processes.

Author Bio:

Akshay Bhimani is a Software Analyst at Techimply, India. With experience in the technology-driven field, he has mastered his knowledge on How(s) and What(s) to be done for a business. Also, he’s keen to share his knowledge on a few technology-related topics such as cloud technologies, ERP, CRM, POS software, and data security with readers that can assist any kind of business.



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