ow to get BEE certification for a Colour TV

How to get BEE certification for a Colour TV

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A colour TV is one of world’s greatest inventions. Acting as a window into a world of news, cartoons and entertainment, a TV has truly given the world something to wake up to every morning. However, all that entertain has a hidden cost – power. The power consumption of a colour TV tends to be painfully high. That’s why, if you’re a television manufacturer, you have to do better. How? Get a five star rating through BEE certification. 

What is BEE Certification?

When the government of India realized that consumer appliances like colour TVs have now become affordable, they came to an unfortunate realization. The energy consumption of these entertainment devices are high. And if so many people use it simultaneously, the low electric power levels of the country would go even lower. It causes the government to institute Bureau of energy efficiency. It’s job is to :

  1. Promote energy efficient products
  2. Promote innovations in terms of energy efficiency
  3. Provide star rating based to the consumer appliances based on their power consumption. 

Why it’s important to get star rating for the colour TV?

While manufacturers might argue that adding power efficiency module would increase the manufacturing cost of the colour TV, there are many reasons that you must focus on efficiency. 

  1. It’s mandatory: BEE registration is mandatory for colour TVs. If your product doesn’t have a label that shows its star rating, it won’t be allowed to be sold in the market. 
  2. Customers rely on star rating: Gone are the days when consumers bought stuff just because it was fashionable to do so. They now seek some practicality as well. The right colour TV with bad power efficiency is bad for their wallet. On the other hand, a mediocre model of television with high power rating is often considered a wise choice.
  3. It’s a marketing strategy: “Our television will help you save power” – as a phrase, you can’t underestimate it’s marketing value. As soon as these word’s fall upon your customer’s ears, they start to see your product as not just another appliance, but as an investment. And in this expensive world, people give highest priority to money saving measures.

Process to obtain BEE registration for colour TV?

You have to go through two stages to obtain BEE registration and ergo star rating for your Colour Television. They are as follows:

  1. Brand registration
  2. Model Registration

Brand Registration is the first stage. It’s the stage where the Bureau of Energy Efficiency gives your company a green light to apply for the star rating. The process of brand registration under BEE is as follows:

  1. Go  on the official website of Bureau of Energy efficiency
  2. Obtain a new account through registration and login
  3. Go to your profile, you’ll see a dashboard. 
  4. Select the option of “Brand registration” in the dashboard. 
  5. Enter the details of your Colour TV brand.  When you receive the prompts, upload the following documents:
    1. Certificate of Incorporation
    2. Trademark registration certificate
    3. Manufacturer License
    4. BIS License
  6. Submit the application by paying the BEE certification fee for brand registration
  7. The documents will be assessed and if no issues are found, you’ll obtain brand registration. 
  8. It will open up a Model Section within the dashboard the next time you login. 

Getting brand registration means that you now have the authorization to get your model tested and star rated by the Bureau. You can register as many models under one brand as you want. However, each model registration would cost you INR 2,000/-. The process is as follows:

  1. Login and go to your dashboard. 
  2. Select the newly available “Model Registration” option. 
  3. Enter the details of the Colour TV model for which you seek star rating. 
  4. Once you have entered all the details, you can either pay the fee and proceed or click on the “Add more” button; it will allow you to add more models of your colour television. 
  5. Once you filed the application, take its printout and attach the following documents to it:
    1. Cover Letter
    2. Test report of your television issued by an NABL accredited lab. 
    3. Declaration
    4. Sample of your television set. 
    5. Agreement. 

Once the sample reaches the Bureau, they will test it for efficiency, but only if the documents and the application is filed correctly. Once the sample is assessed, your colour TV model will get star rating and you’ll obtain a BEE registration certificate. 


If you think that having just the right colour quality, the right brightness and the right picture quality is enough to sell a television test, you’re wrong. Power efficiency is almost as important not, if not even more. Thus, get to innovating and try hard to obtain five star rating for your television set through BEE registration. 

Do you want to get more customers for your Colour TV? Give it a star rating. Read this blog about how to get BEE certification in India and take your first step to get a five star power rating for your appliance.

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