Wish to Create Amazing Backlinks? Here’re 7 Areas of Focus

Wish to Create Amazing Backlinks? Here’re 7 Areas of Focus

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The more high-quality backlinks your website gets, the better are the chances of improving rankings. As you are probably already aware, link building is one of the most challenging tasks involved in search engine optimization. A considerable amount of hard work and time must go into link building. 

As a link-building SEO services company, we wish to share the following relevant, quick, and easy tips to assist you. 

  • The ideal first step for small businesses 

Emerging businesses do not have much web presence or domain authority. Link building opportunities are inexpensive and accessible for small businesses. 

It can surely help in getting revenue-boosting exposure for your business. 

Here’s a quick look at the benefits of link building for new businesses:


  • Links prove to be powerful, and you can start getting them even with a limited budget
  • Links assist in getting credibility from third-parties 
  • Google’s algorithms focus on value and authority offered by links 
  • Improved chances of getting traffic from external sources 
  • A superb source of referral traffic
  • Raising awareness in selected geographical location


As a part of link building strategy, you need: 


  • Links to your homepage 
  • Links embedded in targeted keywords 
  • Links containing your brand name
  • Links to various categories or products pages 


  • Assets crucial for link building 

Link building has many approaches. You can create compelling content for your blog and wait to earn natural links from people.  

Certain types of content pieces can earn links quicker. You might wonder, what are these? 

Here are examples of the most appreciated linkable assets:

  • GIFographics and Infographic
  • Studies and original research-based articles, blog posts
  • Online tools and calculators 
  • Tutorials and how-to-guides 
  • Blog post from a reputed author 

Such assets do not just attract links; they bring a lot to the table. You can expect monetization opportunities, brand awareness, social shares, and other benefits from these assets. 

Other blogs, websites want to link their content with these elements. However, they will do it only if they are aware of its existence. So, it would help if you publish guest posts, social media, and search engine ads to raise awareness of your unique assets. 

New businesses often do not have anything that deserves backlinks on their website during the initial stage. Such firms should work towards creating linkable assets. 

  • A page out of Google’s recently released link spam update 

Google began rolling out its link spam update in July this year. Slowly but steadily, the update aims to detect low-quality links (published to manipulate SERPs). Websites with such links may start feeling the heat with penalties anytime. Such sites might experience a drop in organic traffic. 

Several web admins took a cue from Google’s hints and went ahead of the update by cleaning their backlink profile. 

  • Factors that link building effective post link spam update 

In simple terms, Google wants web administrators to tag links placed in exchange for favors. Here’s a quick look at rel tags and guidelines for use:

Are you placing a link in exchange for funds? You should tag it with Rel= “sponsored.” Do you plan to monetize your blog traffic with affiliate links? you need to utilize a similar tag


You sometimes wish to refer to content on sites that you don’t want Google to associate you with. For such links, you should use Rel= “no follow” in the link. 

Is there a section on your site where you post user-generated content? Then tag those links with Rel= “ugc.”

  • Try charity link building

Several studies suggest consumers spend more on businesses that contribute to the local community. Thus, enterprises love donating to not-for-profits. 

If your business does so, you can always ask the charity organization to help you with a link from their website. 

Even a press release about your donation published on the charity website with a link to your site can give you more legitimacy. It can help new businesses a lot. 

Are you feeling confused about choosing a not-for-profit organization from many options? Try this, select a charity whose website has the best backlink profile. But remember, donating merely to gain links is a bad idea. Just one or two can be acceptable. 

  • Guest posting on industry-specific high ranking sites

Yes, guest posts won’t go out of fashion anytime soon. Wish to get backlinks and generate relevant traffic? Find blogs popular in your niche, and check their submission terms. 

Ask your content team to pitch a story idea and summary to the blog’s admin. 

If the concerned site approves and publishes your guest post, you stand to gain a lot. Your business name, links, and website can get more exposure to an untapped audience. 

As soon as your site starts earning backlinks, you can expect more people to connect with you. 

  • Recovering broken web links 

You don’t want your audience to click on the link and reach a dead page with 404 errors, do you? 

Your link-building exercise won’t be complete without identifying and fixing broken links. They can harm the overall UX. 

Any link-building tool can help in detecting broken links.

Check if the broken link is a result of mistyping URL or other human errors. Has the corresponding page or article been removed? If so, check if you can find the new link for the content using the search option on the site. If you cannot do so, you can connect with the site’s webmaster for a new link. 

The endnote: 

Link building, especially if you don’t have linkable assets, can prove to be time and resource-consuming. However, you must remember that you are creating a continuous source for referral traffic. High-quality backlinks can help increase your site authority with time. 

Do you think you can get more by diverting the same funds and resources to advertising? You won’t get traffic post the ad run time. 

Even marketing cannot offer external traffic after a certain period. So, if your website link profile is weak, you should consider getting in touch with a link-building company today. 


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