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Getting WPC Certificate: Remember these facts before you apply for it

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WPC certificate is your key to import wireless products in India. 

It’s not just a key, it’s also mandatory if your business is to import wireless products in India. Without it, the Department of Telecommunication doesn’t have a way assess the product’s quality. And when they can’t assess the product’s quality, they can’t assess its validity. And when the product is not valid, it might as well be smuggling. 

You don’t want to “smuggle” the wireless product, do you?

Of course not. That’s why you apply for WPC certificate in India. However, there are some facts about it that you should know before you proceed with its steps. 

Don’t leave our product’s testing before applying for WPC certificate

Do not file the application right after you find out about it. 

If you’re an importer of wireless products, it’s easy to be inclined towards making things easy and fast for yourself by just filing the application at the start. Don’t do it. The reason is twofold:

  1. Your might not need the ETA license (another name of WPC certificate)
  2. Without testing, the Wireless Planning Commission won’t issue you the certificate.

That’s why, when you hear about the ETA license, you should first find a lab for yourself. It will:

  1. Assess whether or not you need the ETA certificate for import
  2. Gives the WPC something to compare the readings to. 

Filing the application of this nature without preparation is like going into a battlefield without checking whether your guns have bullets. Thus, always remember: lab first, application filing later.  

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Understand the frequencies for which you need the licenses, and for which you don’t

When it comes to ETA certificate, there are two facts that you should know:

  1. It’s not issued to product, but its operating frequency
  2. If your product already works within the approved frequency, you don’t need the certificate

Suppose your product is a wireless mouse, and you find out that it works within a licensed frequency band after you take it to the RF testing lab. What would you do? 

You just leave the matter then and there. If your product is working at a licensed frequency, there is no need to go through the trials of WPC certification. 

The ETA or Equipment Type Approval is only issued to delicensed bands. If your product working within either unlicensed or licensed band, you won’t need the certification. 

You need an Authorized Indian Representative to file the application

Finding an AIR is of extreme importance if you want any kind of import license.  

It’s the Authorized Indian Representative that represents your interests in front of the licensing body. 

Without an AIR, you’d now know about the rules and regulations put forth for the product you’re trying to import by the licensing body. 

An Authorized Indian Representative is responsible for the following things when it comes to obtaining WPC ETA certificate:

  1. Finding a testing lab
  2. Application filing
  3. Department follow up

Without anyone to represent your business license requirement in India, you can’t obtain the license. Thus, once you get your product tested, the second thing you must do is to find an Authorized Indian Representative. 

Find the right person to become your Authorized Indian Representative

Most, when they hear the need of an AIR, find someone from India to become their representative. In doing so, they neglect the following:

  1. Whether the person they have chosen understands about the license
  2. Whether the person they have chosen can provide the service they require
  3. Whether the person or company they are using to become their AIR has what it takes to get the license. 

If you don’t want to be the one counted among those most, make the right choice – find the right authorized Indian representative. 

Here are the reasons why Registrationwala is the right choice for you:

  1. 100 certification assistance: Within the span of an year, we have assisted more than 100 importers get their ETA certificate
  2. Complete assistance: The rules and regulations do alter at times when you file the first application. Our experts can keep up with them to provide you complete assistance.
  3. Transparent pricing: The teeth with which we eat, is the one you get to see. With us, you get exactly as advertised: hassle-free ETA license services. 


You can’t file the application for ETA license without prior testing. And you can’t do so without the help of the right Authorized Indian Representative. Our experts will provide you the consult you need to import your wireless product in India. In case you don’t. we will be open to you. And if you do, we will provide India’s premiere ETA license assistance responsible for getting 100+ ETA certifications. 

If your plan is getting WPC certificate, these are the points that you should remember. Understanding these nuances would help you obtain the ETA certification easily. For more information, contact Registrationwala. 

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