5 Best Cell Phone Tracker Apps 2021

5 Best Cell Phone Tracker Apps 2021

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Today, we are residing in the innovation-driven world, where cell phones have turned into a need for everybody. With the unnecessary utilization of cell phones, the opportunities for experiencing digital dangers has additionally expanded. Teenagers with the wireless and web opportunity have an entire advanced life their folks are uninformed about. 

Besides, from messaging to arranging a meetup, we as a whole utilize our cells. For guardians, cell phones can assist them with following the whereabouts of their children. The rest of the world is loaded up with tormenting, advanced hijacking, inappropriate behavior, and so forth No parent needs their kid being a casualty of any of the physical and online risks. That is the reason current guardians have begun using innovation to follow children’s cells from a distance. In this article, we will uncover the 5 top portable following applications to assist guardians with following the ongoing location of their children. 


Here are 5 Top Mobile Tracking Apps to Keep Tabs on Your Child’s Location: 

1}FamiSafe Wondershare: 

                           Famisafe Wondershare is probably the best GPS Tracker application with a wide extent of work. A geo-fence can be considered as a virtual fence. There are places that can’t be gotten utilizing regular fencing. Like other after applications, some equipment and writing computer programs are required. Nonetheless, the cost of usage is balanced by diminished adversity. 

A Famisafe Wondershare can be set up around a structure site. The vehicles being used on the site and shockingly the agent distinguishing pieces of proof can be marked. If the vehicle or the agent goes through the geo-fence, a sign can be transported off the chief’s actually taking a look at the contraption, which can be a high-level cell phone. That is just a single outline of how Famisafe finds an android telephone and uses applications. 

FamiSafe Cost:

                       While there is no FamiSafe Free Version, you can attempt the product for three days with restricted elements without submitting monetarily. Assuming you need to open the stage’s maximum capacity or use it for longer than three days, you can move up to the FamiSafe Premium adaptation. This variant incorporates all elements referenced in our FamiSafe audit. 

  • Month to month ($10.99): Up to five gadgets 
  • Quarterly ($20.99): Up to 10 gadgets 
  • Yearly ($60.99): Up to 30 gadgets 

Numerous FamiSafe surveys on Google Play show that the restricted FamiSafe preliminary is an issue for some clients. It’s too short to even consider testing the arrangement appropriately. 


2}Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS);

                             By taking this work area application’s assistance, you’ll essentially parody your location on Pokemon Go with no security contemplations. Assuming you act with shrewdness, then, at that point, Pokemon Go won’t find the aftereffect of this spoofer instrument. The spoofer Pokemon Go iOS goal includes a simple interface and might permit you to taunt your location with a single tick. except for that, you’ll conjointly reproduce strolling between 2 or different spots abuse the Pokemon caricaturing iOS goal. 

  • You will ridicule your Pokemon Go location abuse the work area application by just interfacing your iPhone to the framework. 
  • There aren’t any impediments on the number of locations that you essentially will taunt your location on the applying. 
  • You will look for any Virtual location by name or by getting into its directions further. 
  • In most cases, Pokemon Go doesn’t observe the presence of this Pokemon Go iOS parody application. 
  • There is furthermore an element to reproduce strolling between 2 or a ton of spots at the popular speed. 

Dr.Fone – Virtual Location Cost;

  • 1 Month License 
  • Range Devices; 1-5 Mobile Devices 1 PC 
  • $9.95/month 
  • Auto-recharging. Drop whenever. 


  • 1 Quarter License 
  • Range Devices; 1-5 Mobile Devices and 1 PC 
  • $6.66/month 
  • Charged quarterly at $19.95. 


  • 1 Year License 
  • Range Devices; 1-5 Mobile Devices and 1 PC 
  • $4.99/month 
  • Charged yearly at $59.95. 



TheWiSpy is a market-driving telephone tracker application that has denoted its region throughout recent years. The justification behind such prevalence of the application is on the grounds that it offers limitless quality spying highlights. It is utilized to screen children, spy on the companion, and watch out for workers. It is a lawful application, and the suppliers guarantee that it isn’t open to awful individuals. It will assist you with exploring exhaustively the web-based movement of your objective while sitting from a distance. 

It is not difficult to utilize TheWiSpy; you want to introduce the application and figure out how it processes. TheWiSpy depends on covertness mode usefulness that implies the spying processes are done subtly behind the screen. Thus, the cell phone client wouldn’t have some familiarity with the information moving to occur on the telephone simultaneously. 

You can get information; make changes in records without upsetting the continuous action. You and the objective telephone have a medium where the brought information is transferred and orders are deciphered. It is called TheWiSpy online entry/dashboard, and you can see all the spied data without actually getting to anything. 

TheWiSpy costs;


  • 1-Month License $19.99 
  • 3-Month License $29.99 
  • 6-Month License $49.99 


  • 1-Month License $29.99 
  • 3-Month License $49.99 
  • 6-Month License $79.99 



  • 1-Month License $49.99 
  • 3-Month License $79.99 
  • 6-Month License $119.99 



            Life360 is a GPS following application intended to help family individuals access location history, send SOS alarms, view driving reports, screen vehicle speed, and more to guarantee security. Clients can get registration messages and save data about customized locations like home, work, or school as indicated by necessities. 

Life360 Cost;








5}Norton Family;

                Norton Family Premier from Symantec is an incredible cross-stage parental control item, permitting the checking of however many gadgets as needed for $49.99. From a cost to esteem viewpoint, $49.99 for Norton is fantastic. Far better, for an additional $10 you can simply get a yearly antivirus bundle that incorporates Norton Family Premier. 

Significant NOTE: SAVE $50 with Norton 360 Deluxe which is offering parental controls just as a component of the 5 gadget assurance bundle for just $49.99. Snatch it here. e especially like the Norton dashboard, which gives natural revealing (features additionally conveyed once every day to your inbox) just as ‘house rules’ arranged by age gatherings, which is helpfully preset as per the time of client on every specific gadget. Every classification is introduced independently, which takes into account the instinctive administration of rules and checking. 

Norton Family Cost;

                There are no restrictions on the number of gadgets you can add to a record, which is great for the consistently associated age. You can amount to 15 youngster profiles to a record, which is useful for enormous families. By examination, a one-kid permit for Net Nanny runs $39.99 each year, while an $89.99 yearly membership gets you a 20-youngster Family Protection Pass for that help. Qustodio costs $54.95 each year, for use on up to five telephones, tablets, PCs, or Macs. Kaspersky Safe Kids is the best arrangement: It just charges $14.99 each year and can secure a limitless number of gadgets and children. 

The Bottom Line 

                          This youngster following applications offer shifting levels of elements to make them stand apart from the rest, and the one for you relies upon your requirements. In the event that you want an application with heaps of wellbeing highlights for the entirety of the family, PanSpy or Spyzie is great. In case you’re especially stressed over the more youthful ones, Norton Family Premium might be ideal. Just download the most appropriate children tracker application from the rundown above relying upon your definite necessities.


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