8 Marketing Internships That Will Boost Your Career

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Internships act as a guide, pushing you towards your desired career. Consider it a trial period to decide if the job suits you. Marketing majors can find work in many sectors, which is a huge advantage. 

So, if you’re wondering where to find an internship, remember that there are plenty of  marketing internships out there. But, of course, you want to look for opportunities in industries you love to get the best experience. Also, some companies pay you while others don’t, so consider that while applying. 

Moreover, you have to apply before school goes on break. That means you might have some pending assignments. Therefore, it is advisable to get essay help on EssayHub so that you focus fully on your internship. Professional writers on EssayHub do a great job, ensuring you get good grades. 

Here are marketing internships worth looking into:

  1. Marketing Manager 

This is probably the most straightforward role to apply for. All companies need a marketing manager to handle promotional projects. Your work would involve coming up with advertising campaigns and developing promotional content. 

Of course, you’ll need to employ writing services before starting work to avoid issues with your teachers. Look for an essay writing service review before settling on any online writing service. You must ensure you’re sorted so that you focus on being the best marketing manager for whatever company you’re applying to. 

Here are a few tasks you’ll need to carry out while on internship:

  • Managing research 
  • Planning different promotional projects 
  • Executing company advertising initiatives 

2. Public Relations Specialist 

Organizations need public relations specialists to deal with the media and journalists, especially regarding the company’s public image. Also, promoting company news and creating a good public image for the organization should be a priority. 

Other roles include:

  • Social media account management 
  • Planning events with the press 
  • Writing press releases
  1. Product Manager 

Your role as a product manager is to oversee a product’s development. This task also requires a deep understanding of the product’s features. So, you must develop the best strategies to deliver the best product for the target market. 

Luckily, you don’t work alone on such projects. However, you must be the leader, ensuring everything goes smoothly through the entire product development process. 

  1. Social Media Manager 

Social media content is vital for all companies. Today, the most popular organizations use social media for advertising their products and services. In addition, these platforms are excellent for interacting with customers

So, your role would be to create social media content and plan it around the company’s services. If you have additional skills such as writing, graphic design, and editing, most companies will choose you over other applicants. 

  1. Copywriter

Copywriting involves handling a company’s external and internal communication. First, you must create the best content, such as blog posts and product descriptions. Creativity is something that cannot be taught in school. 

However, you must read a lot and see how other copywriters do their work. That will help you perfect your skills, ultimately helping the company maintain its image. 

  1. Advertising Expert 

This role needs you to be more interested in the creative side of advertising. Coming up with brilliant advertising campaigns makes the company’s products and services sellable. Most companies also require you to have knowledge of software such as Photoshop. 

Apart from formulating advertising campaigns, advertising also needs you to conduct user research and pitch new ideas to stakeholders. Therefore, your communication skills must also be on point. 

  1. Brand Designer 

Not all marketing majors have design skills. However, it is vital to possess such artistic abilities. Combining brand design with market research, analytics, and great communication makes you an asset. As a result, many companies would love to employ you. 

Besides, you will advance in your career very quickly if you improve your skills and learn new ones. So, even if design is not a skill all marketing majors should have, it does not hurt to add it to your list of strengths. 

  1. Sales Executive 

The sales department will be perfect for you if you’re into highlighting the best parts of a product or service. Moreover, you must be good with words and have brilliant administrative abilities. The company might need you to do the following:

  • Sitting in on calls
  • Scheduling meetings with new clients 
  • Preparing reports for the company   

As a sales executive, you must always be ready to represent your organization in various ways. Therefore, you must be prepared because you are like the face of the company. Your interaction with customers is very important and determines if they’ll buy from you or not. 


If you are studying marketing in college or university, you have many opportunities in the business world. Several companies offer internships to qualified students by evaluating the skills you possess. Hence, apart from basic marketing, you should have other abilities to make you a better candidate. 

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